Glucose sensors, insulin pumps and closed-loop systems are quickly becoming the standard of care for people with type 1 diabetes, but the evolution in diabetes technology is going faster and faster!


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This website was created to help you learn about diabetes technology in a quick and easy way. The aim is to lower the barrier to diabetes technology, so the care for people with diabetes can always be at its best.

Start your learning journey 

Not sure where to start? Here you can see how most people start their learning journey!

Step 1: Read the free "Overview Diabetes Technology 2023"  

With this reference book you will quickly gain insight into the product features, including the advantages and disadvantages, of all current and future glycemic sensors, smart insulin pens, insulin pumps and closed-loop systems, which will improve the glycemic control of people with diabetes.

People with diabetes
Healthcare provider

Step 2: Take an online course on closed-loop systems

On the training page you will find free accredited courses on the most used closed-loop systems in Belgium and the Netherlands: the MiniMed 780G and Control IQ. You will also find a course on the Omnipod DASH and future Omnipod 5.

!The courses are only available in dutch!

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Step 3: Stay up to date with the most recent research

Diabetes technology is moving faster and faster! Through the blog you get an update on the most interesting new products and research results, directly from the largest diabetes conferences. This way you will be up to date on the most important novelties in the field of CGMs, insulin pumps and closed-loop systems in no time.

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