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Oct 29, 2021

Now that corona cases are rising again, and many physical conferences are being canceled, I fear that many conferences will mainly become virtual again.

On October 21th, I presented the highlights on diabetes technology from the EASD at a conference of Novo for endocrinologists. It is in English, so I stuttered a little more than usual and in hindsight I said a lot of "uh" 🙄.


Apart from that, I thought it was a super fun experience, and I am very grateful to Novo that I was allowed to do this 🙏. 



Interested in the result?

Here is the video and slides of my part on diabetes technology.

(For the best sound quality, check this out with Google Chrome.)


There is also a nice overview of the closed-loop systems and smart insulin pens:


Have fun with it!


Kind regards,

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