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The Future of Closed-Loop Systems

Jun 01, 2023

Managing type 1 diabetes can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but recent advancements in diabetes technology are bringing hope for a brighter future. Exciting developments are underway, with major players in the market making significant strides towards improving the lives of people with diabetes. In this blog post, we will explore the latest news and future plans of the leading commercial closed-loop system providers, offering a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead.




Medtronic Takes a Big Leap Forward

"We're excited to introduce a differentiated wearable patch option to provide more patient choice and drive further innovation for those who want to use technology to make living with diabetes easier. We look forward to expanding our offerings to participate in the patch pump market and enabling those customers access to our seamless ecosystem of support." - Que Dallara, EVP & President, Medtronic Diabetes


Medtronic, a prominent name in diabetes technology, recently made headlines by announcing its acquisition of South Korean company EoFlow for a staggering $738 million. This acquisition will pave the way for the integration of EoFlow's innovative EoPatch insulin pump with Medtronic's MiniMed 780G algorithm and their new Simplera CGM (also known as Instinct). While no specific timeline has been provided for the release of this combined system, it signifies a significant development in the field of closed-loop systems.



The Rise of Patch Pumps

The acquisition of EoFlow by Medtronic suggests a shift towards the use of patch pumps in future closed-loop systems. Patch pumps are generally considered more convenient than traditional catheter pumps. However, one drawback is that patch pumps require control through a handset or smartphone app, which means ensuring you always have this device with you.



Uncertainty Surrounding Existing Plans

With Medtronic's acquisition of EoFlow, several questions arise regarding the fate of previous plans:

  1. Medtronic's plans for the Triple Jump patch pump
  2. EoFlow's intention to integrate the EoPatch pump with Diabeloop
  3. EoFlow's development of the EoPatch 3.0 and EoPancreas

These unanswered questions leave room for speculation about how these plans will evolve in light of the recent acquisition.



A Glimpse into the Future: Plans of the Leading Closed-Loop Providers


With each new development in closed-loop systems, we move closer to a future where diabetes management becomes effortless, allowing individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

Let's take a closer look at the future plans of the major players in the closed-loop system market:


1. Medtronic

  • Pump: Following the acquisition of EoFlow, Medtronic will be able to offer both catheter pumps and patch pumps, providing more choices for users. However, it is important to note that there is currently no timeline available for the availability of the patch pump, and it may take some time before it becomes available.
  • App: The MiniMed Mobile app is expected to evolve from a view app to a full control app, allowing users to manage the patch pump through their smartphones.
  • CGM: Medtronic's Guardian 4 sensor will be replaced by the Simplera CGM (aka Instinct). The approval process for Simplera is underway, although the timeline for the integration with the MiniMed 780G closed-loop system is still to be determined.


2. Tandem

  • Pump: Tandem has a range of pumps in development, including the Mobi pump, a semi-patch pump set to launch in late 2023. Other advancements include the t:slim X3 pump, Mobi:tubeless, and the integration of the Sigi pump planned for 2027.
  • App: The t:connect app is evolving to provide complete closed-loop control, going beyond insulin bolus functions.
  • CGM: Integration of Dexcom G7 is anticipated in the second half of 2023, with plans for subsequent integration with Libre2 and Libre3 sensors.


3. Insulet

  • Pump: The Omnipod patch pumps will likely maintain their current form factor.
  • App: An Android app is currently available, and support for iOS is planned.
  • CGM: Integration of the Dexcom G7 and Libre sensor is expected in 2023/2024.

4. Mylife Loop

  • Pump: Currently, no patch pump is in the pipeline for Mylife Loop.
  • App: Android users have access to the app, and iOS support is in the works.
  • CGM: Mylife Loop links with Libre3 and Dexcom G6. While there's no news on Dexcom G7 integration, it may be a possibility down the line.


5. Diabeloop

  • Pump: Diabeloop is actively working on integrating various pumps, including Kaleido, Dana, and Terumo.
  • App: The development of a DBLG app is underway, though a release date has yet to be confirmed.
  • CGM: While no other partnerships have been announced, integrating the Dexcom G7 would be a logical progression beyond Dexcom G6 integration.


7. Beta Bionics

  • Pump: Beta Bionics has begun commercializing the iLet insulin-only pump in the US, but no patch pump is currently in development.
  • App: At present, a view app seems to be available, providing users with essential information.
  • CGM: While no other partnerships have been announced, integrating the Dexcom G7 would be a logical progression beyond Dexcom G6 integration. 



The Future Holds Promise

The world of closed-loop systems is witnessing rapid advancements, with also various other systems in development, such as INREDA's AP, Tideloop Loop, and the Touchcare Nano System. Additionally, open-source closed-loop systems continue to make waves.

While the discussed innovations are not yet available on the market, they spark excitement and anticipation for a future where individuals with diabetes can simply wear a patch pump and sensor, alleviating the burden of diabetes management.



Take Control of Your Diabetes Journey


If you're interested in exploring the currently available closed-loop systems and understanding their key advantages and disadvantages, download our comprehensive overview of the top 10 closed-loop systems here. 


Embrace the future of diabetes management with closed-loop systems. Stay informed, connect with healthcare providers, and explore the latest advancements in diabetes technology. Together, we can make life with diabetes easier and more fulfilling.



With the integration of innovative technologies and the relentless efforts of industry leaders, the future of closed-loop systems looks promising. These advancements bring hope and comfort to individuals living with type 1 diabetes, offering them better control over their blood sugar levels and eliminating much of the burden associated with diabetes management.


Kind regards,


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