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Diabetes care and technology are advancing every single day. This course and community are designed to bring you up to date with current technology and help you navigate the landscape of diabetes technology for your patients.

As an endocrinologist, when the first Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) system was approved in Belgium in 2019, I was extremely excited. The promise of superior insulin delivery and blood glucose control is real and attainable with this new technology - if you have the correct education and training.

But there is a problem: opportunities to learn about these many different devices are scarce and often only cover one device at a time, making it difficult to gain in-depth knowledge of the different systems available.

That’s why I created this platform and community: to give you access to a comprehensive education on all these technologies, as well as provide support from expert providers who have so much experience with them.

The Diabetes Technology Expert Program is an accredited course that covers the most used glucose sensors, insulin pumps, and AID systems all in one place.

This program is designed to help you understand the technology, provide tips for patient success, and join a community of experts in this field. I hope that together we can further improve diabetes management for all patients.

Join me today and become a Diabetes Technology Expert!


- Dr. Inge Van Boxelaer

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